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Plot Twist – A Storytelling Card Game by Darrell M. Stark Plot Twist – A Storytelling Card Game by Darrell M. Stark
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Plot Twist – A Storytelling Card Game by Darrell M. Stark
Tell hilariously creative stories using off-the-wall plot points and tropes spanning all of fiction. Spin a better yarn than your friends to become the Master Storyteller!
Five Hundred Cards, Millions of Stories!
Plot Twist – A Storytelling Card Game by Darrell M. Stark
Plot Twist is a storytelling card game for four to six players. All players are Storytellers and stitch together Plot Cards, combined with a little imagination, to tell short stories prompted by Trope Cards.
Plot Twist includes 500 cards, split into two large decks and a smaller deck of Story Point Cards:
62 Trope Cards: Trope Cards provide a familiar story prompt inspired from all over fiction, media, and history. Storytellers use this information to tell a story using their hand of Plot Cards.
420 Plot Cards: Plot Cards contain tired clichés, action beats, random events, and hilarious happenings. Storytellers stitch together as many Plot Cards as they need to tell their version of the selected Trope Card prompt, making up the events between cards as they go. Stories can be simple tales, outrageous romps, or outright-insane cartoons – as long as you can justify the Plot Cards you use in your story, you can use them however you'd like!
Lots of Story Point Cards
18 Story Point Cards: After all Storytellers have told their stories for the round, they cast votes for their favorite stories of the round. Votes in Plot Twist are weighted – you get three Story Point Cards to use each round and you can give them out however you want. Feel free to spread your votes around to multiple Storytellers, or give all three to your favorite story!
The story with the most votes at the end of each round wins that round's Trope Card as a point. The Storyteller with the most points at the end of the game is crowned the Master Storyteller – and the winner of the game!
This playlist contains a few examples of stories you can tell, featuring some talented Storyteller friends of mine:
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